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In God We Trust
The movie gallery here around the corner is going out of business and selling all there movies for 6$ or less. Being a movie buff and having a collection of way too many movies too count i dropped by and got a few. They had been picked pretty clean already but there was still a few i picked up. I got :

1. I now pronounce you chuck and larry

2. Brave one

3. Saw 4 (i have the other 3)

4. 3:10 to yuma

5. Lake Dead : after dark horrorfest movie

6. Deaths of ian : after dark horrorfest movie

7. Captivity : after dark horrorfest movie

8. Beowulf & Grendal..not sure about this one but i saw Beowulf this past weekend so i'm just curious.

9. Ice spiders

10. Grindhouse - planet terror (she has a gun for a leg, it has to be good )

and it all just cost be 60$. not bad i guess.


In God We Trust
so far i have watched three of them. i am disappointed with the brave one. it moved along so slow. ice spiders wasn't half bad. it was cool for a laugh or two. and i watched captivity last night. that was a pretty decent movie.

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