DVD Releases Week of Oct 1st


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Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (PG)
The Fantastic Four encounter the mysterious Silver Surfer. (Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Ioan Gruffudd)​
1408 (PG-13)
Writer spends night in an allegedly haunted hotel room. (John Cusack [Mike Enslin], Samuel L. Jackson [Gerald Orlin], Mary McCormack [Lily Enslin])​
Jindabyne (R)
Civic Duty (R)
911 Mysteries: Part 1 Demolitions (Not Rated)
After (Not Rated)
Air Gear 5: Battle Of Kings (Not Rated)
Asia: Fantasia Live In Tokyo (Not Rated)
Attenborough In Paradise & Other Personal Voyages (Not Rated)
BBC Atlas of the Natural World: Africa/Europe (Not Rated)
BBC Atlas of the Natural World: Western Hemisphere (Not Rated)
BBC Atlas Of The Natural World: Wild Africa (Not Rated)
Betsy Bubblegum's Journey Through Yummi-Land (Not Rated)
Bewitched Housewives (Not Rated)
Billy Blanks: Ultimate Tae Bo (Not Rated)
Blue Gender Movie: The Warrior (Not Rated)
The Blue Planet: Seas of Life (Not Rated)
Bondi Tsunami (Not Rated)
The Bronx Is Burning: The Complete Series (Not Rated)
The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks
Chicken Soup: Conversations For The Golfers Soul (Not Rated)
Christmas Comedy Collection (PG)
Christmas Miracle at Sage Creek (PG)
Christmas Television Favorites (Not Rated)
Clockwork Fighters Volume 2: Hiwou's War (Not Rated)
The Comedians of Comedy: Live at the Troubadour (Not Rated)
15 stand-up comics perform at the Troubadour. (Sarah Silverman, Zach Galifianakis, David Cross)​
Craziest Christmas Collection (Not Rated)
Criminal Minds: The Second Season (Not Rated)
David Byrne: Live From Austin (Not Rated)
Day Night Day Night
Deviants (Not Rated)
Doug Sahm: Live From Austin (Not Rated)
Durcal Rocio: Canta A Mexico (Not Rated)
El Potro Salvaje & El Pantano De Las Animas (Not Rated)
Elf Bowling: The Movie (PG)
Entourage: Season Three, Part 2 (Not Rated)
Estradasphere: Palace of Mirro (Not Rated)
Evil Aliens (R/Unrated)
Family Classics 250 Movie Set (Not Rated)
Fantastic Four 2 Movie Collection (PG)
Fiesta Latina Volume 2 (Not Rated)
Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (Not Rated)
The Forest for the Trees (Not Rated)
Fruits Basket Volume 3: Puddles Of Memories (Not Rated)
Fruits Basket Volume 4: Clearing Sky
Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Laughing (Not Rated)
Girl With The Sex Ray Eyes (Not Rated)
Godzilla Original Animated Series Volume 3 (Not Rated)
Goliath & The Sins Of Babylon / Colossus & The Ama (Not Rated)
Gore Pack (Not Rated)
Hauntings in America (Not Rated)
History Of SEC Football (Not Rated)
Horror Classics 250 Movie Megapack (Not Rated)
Horror Classics: Jack Nicholson & David Carradine (Not Rated)
Horror Classics: Zombies, Tormented Souls (Not Rated)
How I Met Your Mother: Season Two (Not Rated)
I Believe In Santa Claus (Not Rated)
I Love New York: The Complete Unrated First Season (Not Rated)
Inspirational Documentaries (Not Rated)
Inspirational Documentaries (Not Rated)
JCW Wrestling: Slam TV Episode (Not Rated)
JCW Wrestling: Slam TV Episode HTP (Not Rated)
Jericho: The First Season (Not Rated)
Kill Them & Eat Them (Not Rated)
Ladies Night (Not Rated)
Legend of Zelda: Havoc In Hyrule / Ganons Evil Tow (Not Rated)
Little People, Big World: Season 1 (Not Rated)
Mahavishnu Orchestra: Live From Montreux (Not Rated)
Marcados Por El Destino & Estoy Sentenciado A Muer (Not Rated)
Max & Ruby: Merry Christmas (Not Rated)
Metalocalypse: Season One (Not Rated)
Mystery Classics 250 Movie Set (Not Rated)
NFL America's Game: Green Bay Packers (Not Rated)
NFL America's Game: New England Patriots (Not Rated)
NFL America's Game: Oakland Raiders (Not Rated)
NFL America's Game: Pittsburg Steelers (Not Rated)
NFL America's Game: San Francisco 49ers (Not Rated)
NFL America's Game: Washington Redskins (Not Rated)
Nine Lives (Not Rated)
One Step Beyond TV (Not Rated)
One To Another (Not Rated)
The Other Side (Not Rated)
Overkill: Wrecking Everything (Not Rated)
Paul Lynde: Halloween Special (Not Rated)
Peach Girl Volume 5 (Not Rated)
Planet Earth / The Blue Planet: Seas of Life (Not Rated)
Plasterhead (R)
Praise Baby Collection: Joy To The World (Not Rated)
Proelite Presents: Elitexc Destiny (Not Rated)
Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud (R)
Ramones: It's Alive 1974-1996 (Not Rated)
Rapturious (Not Rated)
Red Without Blue (Not Rated)
Revolucha: Dia De Los Muertos (Not Rated)
The Sarah Silverman Program: Season One (Not Rated)
Schizophreniac / Necromaniac (Not Rated)
School Of Horror (Not Rated)
School Rumble Volume 2 (Not Rated)
Secret World of Alex Mack: The Complete 1st Season (Not Rated)
Shark: Season One (Not Rated)
Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection (Not Rated)
Silent Greats: Buster Keaton / Charlie Chaplin (Not Rated)
Southern Fried Chicks (Not Rated)
Species: The Awakening (Not Rated)
Star Trek Next Generation: The Complete Series (Not Rated)
Strawberry Shortcake: Let's Dance with Mat (Not Rated)
Sun Dogs (Not Rated)
Tenjho Tenge Comp Multi Case Collection (Not Rated)
Tom & Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale (G)
Ultimate Red Sox Fan Box Set (Not Rated)
Un Dorado De Pancho Villa & Guerrillero Del Norte (Not Rated)
Una Rata En La Obscuridad & La Maldicion Del Monas (Not Rated)
The Unseen Beatles (Not Rated)
Vampire Conspiracy (Not Rated)
The Wailer 2: Day Of The Dead (Not Rated)
The War: A Ken Burns Film (Not Rated)
Welcome To The Grindhouse: Beach Girls / Coach (Not Rated)
Welcome To The Grindhouse: Hellcats / Chain Gang (Not Rated)
Welcome To The NHK 1: 1st Conspiracy (Not Rated)
Western Classics 250 Movie Set (Not Rated)
When A Killer Calls (Not Rated)
When They Cry Volume 3 (Not Rated)
Wonder Pets: Save The Reindeer (Not Rated)
WWO: World's Wrestling Organization Volume 2 (Not Rated)
Yugo The Negotiator: Complete Collection (Not Rated)
How in the world did you get all that information? That just blows my mind. Thank you for the info though. Have you seen the Vampire Conspiracy?

Also what do you truckers think about watching the movie wrong turn and being out there alone? hehe
I get it so people know whats coming out. I forgot the exact web address, but google dvd release dates and you will get all kinds of results.

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