DVD Releases Week of Oct 14th


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009 1: Volume 3
10 Minute Solution: Dance It Off & Tone It Up
7 Kilos
The 8th Plague
AC/DC: Live At Donington
AC/DC: Plug Me In (Collector's Edition)
AC/DC: Plug Me In
The Alien Quadrilogy (Special Edition)
American Pastime (Set)
Amityville Collection Triple Feature (Set)
And Never Let Her Go (Full Screen)
And There You Are (Widescreen)
Angelina Ballerina: A Star Collection (Set)
Angelina Ballerina: The Silver Locket (Includes Book)
Back From Dead: Complete Build
Barney: The Imagination Collection (Set)
Be Still (Widescreen)
Because of Winn-Dixie (New Box Art)
Believers (R Rated Version)
Believers (Unrated)
Belly Dancing
Best Picture United Artists Classic Gift Set (Gift Set)
Beyond Christmas
Biker Beach Bash: Daytona U.S.A.
Bill Cosby: Himself (New Box Art)
Blackwater Forever
Blue Seed: Mitama Collection (Set)
Bob The Builder: Bob's Ultimate Adventure Coll. (Set)
Braincandy: Hear My World
Braincandy: See My World
Braincandy: Smell My World
Braincandy: Taste My World
Braincandy: Touch My World
Bullrun: Best Of Bullrun (Set)
Bullrun: New York To La: Cops Cars & Superstars
Bully 911: Stop Being A Victim
Caged Fury / Drug Traffikers / Savage Dawn (Set)
Cardio Blast
The Care Bears Movie
Casshern (Widescreen)
Charlie & Lola: Volume 6: How Many Minutes...
Cheaper By The Dozen (Widescreen Special Edition)
Chevy Vette Fest
The Christmas Blessing
A Christmas Carol
Christmas Classics Collection (Set)
Christmas Do-Over (Widescreen)
A Christmas Wish
Class Act
Classic Western Collection: The Outlaws (Set)
Cowboys of Faith
Crazy Love (Widescreen)
Critics Choice (Set)
The Cutting Room
Dar Williams: Live At Bearsville Theater
The Day After Tomorrow (New Box Art)
Daytona 500: 50 Years The Great American Race 2008 (Set)
Deadliest Catch: Season 2
Die Hard (New Box Art)
Die Hard 2: Die Harder (New Box Art)
El Emperador De La Muerte
El Pichichi Del Barrio (Spanish)
El Zangano (Spanish)
The Ernest Hemingway Film Collection (Set)
Error Mortal
Everest: Beyond The Limit
Experiment In Torture (Widescreen)
The Family Stone (New Box Art)
Familytime Features Collection (Boxed Set)
Fastest Streetcar Shootout
Fight Club (New Box Art)
Fighting Words
The First Kings of Comedy Collection (Full Screen)
Fit Dance Jam
Forbidden Secrets
Foreigner: Alive & Rockin'
Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 1: Curse (Uncut)
Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 2
Funtastic Adventures Set (Set)
Future Weapons: Season 1
Gakuen Heaven Volume 4: Traitor Revealed
Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Cristo Collection (Boxed Set)
Gary Moore: Definitive Montreux Collection (Set)
Girl 27
Girls Gone Wild: Co-Ed Sex Tryouts 2
Girls Gone Wild: Spring Break 2007
Girls Will Be Girls Collection (Set)
Glass Fleet Starter Set
Glass Fleet Volume 1
Got Sand?
The Graduate (Collector's Edition)
Grindhouse: Don't Open The Door / Don't Look In (Double Feature)
Harder I Work The Luckier I Get At Bodybuilding
Havoc 2: Normal Adolescent Behavior (Unrated)
Hellsing Ultimate: Volume 3 (Widescreen)
Hellsing Ultimate: Volume 3 (Limited Edition)
Hi-Lo Fusion
The Hoax
Hog Heaven: River Run Wild
Holiday On Ice: Under The Desert Sky
Hollow Man (Director's Cut)
Hollow Man
Home Alone Caper Collection (Set)
Home Alone: Taking Back the House
Hot Buns & Thighs
Hot Cores Moves
Hot Rods, Rat Rods (Special Edition)
Hot Rods, Rat Rods: Back From Dead
The House Without A Christmas Tree
Ice Spiders (Widescreen)
In The Lake Of The Woods (Full Screen)
Initial D: Second Stage
Innocent Venus 2: Blood Of Betrayal (Boxed Set)
Innocent Venus 2: Blood Of Betrayal
Insane In The Membrane
Invasion of the Motorcycles: Laconia Biker Rally
The Invisible
The Invisible
Ironside: Season 2

It's A Love Thang Collection (Boxed Set)
The James Bond Collection, Volume 3 (Set)
The Jazz Singer (Deluxe Edition)
Jim Norton: Monster Rain (Widescreen)
Jingle All The Way (Special Edition)
Joe Somebody
Joe Somebody
John Mayall: Live From Austin
Jonathan Creek: Season 2
Journey to the Impact
June Cabin
Just Married (New Box Art)
Killer Wave (Widescreen)
Kings of South Beach (Widescreen)
La Sombra Del Negro
La Taquera Picante (Spanish)
Latin Salsa
The Legend Of The Candy Cane
Lies & Deception Collection (Set)
Lights In The Dusk
Live To Tell About It: Self Defense Techniques
Living Beaches
Living Butterflies
Living Fireplace
Living Marine Aquarium
Living Marine Aquarium: Volume 2
Living Waterfalls
Love Is War Collection (Boxed Set)
MacGyver: The Complete Series (Set)
Mark Morris Dance Group
Masters of Horror: Season 1, Volume 1
Masters of Horror: Season 1, Volume 2
Masters of Horror: The Damned Thing (Widescreen)
Medium: Seasons 1-3 (Widescreen)
Medium: The Third Season
The Mel Brooks Collection (Set)
MGM Best Picture Collection (Set)
MGM Holiday Classics (Set)
Michael Moore Hates America
Micronauts Revolution
A Mighty Heart (Widescreen)
A Mighty Heart
Miracle On 34th Street
Miracle On 34th Street
MLB Baby / Red Sox Baby
MLB Baby / USA: Z (Double Feature)
MLB Baby / Yankee Baby (Double Feature)
Mopar Madness
Mother Teresa
Motocross Zombies From Hell
Murder Party (Widescreen)
My Best Friend (Widescreen)
Mythbusters Collection 2
NASCAR Baby / USA: Z (Double Feature)
NBA Baby / Heat Baby (Double Feature)
NBA Baby / Maverick Baby (Double Feature)
NBA Baby / USA: Z (Double Feature)
NMCA: Super Series
Nutcracker On Ice
O.G. Rider 4 Life (Uncensored)
O.G. Rider 4 Life
O.G. Rider Deep Ride
O.G. Rider Homies & Hynas
O.G. Rider Hopin' & Scrapin'
O.G. Rider Mi Vida Loca (Uncensored)
O.G. Rider Out Of The Hood
O.G. Rider Pumps & Dumps
O.G. Rider Street Stars
O.G. Rider: Cali Style
O.G. Rider: Livin' Low
Off Road Impossible
Olive: The Other Reindeer
One Million Motorcycles All Boxed Up (Set)
One Million Motorcycles: Sturgis Rally
One Stone & Two Birds
The Other Conquest
Outlaw Trail
Plan Bee
Planet Terror (Widescreen)
Raquel Welch Collection (Set)
Raza De Vivoras (Spanish)
The Reaping
The Reaping
The Reaping (Combo Format)
Red Curtain Trilogy (Boxed Set)
Red Curtain Trilogy (Boxed Set)
Red Skelton: Holiday Collection (Set)
Remember Me
Return to House on Haunted Hill
Return to House on Haunted Hill (Widescreen)
Return to House on Haunted Hill
Return to House on Haunted Hill (Widescreen Unrated)
Road Rage
Road Rage II
Road Rage III: The Need for Speed
Road Rage IV: Freedom Rides (Special Edition)
Road Rage IV: Freedom Rides
Road Rage: All Boxed Up (Boxed Set)
Romantic Tales Collection (Boxed Set)
Roseanne: The Complete Ninth Season
Russian Bride
Sam Katzman: Icons Of Horror Collection
Santa Trap
Servin' It Up
Session Impossible
Shake, Rattle & Roll
Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion (Widescreen)
Show Business: The Road To Broadway (Widescreen)
Showtime with Jeremy Mcgrath
Sick Air
The Simpsons Christmas
The Simpsons Christmas 2
Something About Mary Magdalene
Sportbike Freaks
Squidbillies: Volume 1
Stitcher (Widescreen)
Story of Saiunkoku Volume 2
Strawberry Shortcake Giftset (Gift Set)
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: The Complete Series (Rental)
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: The Complete Series
Subway Stories
Surf Addicts
Suzuka Volume 4 (Uncut)
Terminator: Hunters & Killers
That '70s Show: Season Seven
Thomas & Friends: Steam Engine Stories (Set)
Throttle Junkies
Transformers (Widescreen Special Edition)
Transformers (Widescreen)
Trapped (Triple Feature)
Treasures From American Film Archives Vol. 3
The Trials of Darryl Hunt
Truck Jam
Tuner Transformation: Change My Ride Now
Tuner Transformation: Complete Overhaul
Tuner Transformation: Magical Mystery Rides
Tuner Transformation: Take My Wreck
Ultimate Heroes Collection (Set)
Ultimate Kickboxing: Kbox II
Universal Streetcar Shootout
Urban Flesh
Value Pack: Fighting (Set)
Value Pack: Horror
Value Pack: Past & Future (Set)
Value Pack: WWII (Set)
Voltron: Defender Of The Universe Revelations
Wanted: Dead or Alive Season 3
Warren Miller: No Boundaries (Collector's Edition)
Warren Miller: Off The Grid (Widescreen)
Wheelstanding Championships
Where The Heart Is (New Box Art)
While My Pretty One Sleeps (Full Screen)
White Christmas (Widescreen)
Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left For The East? (Director's Cut)
Women On Top Collection (Set)
The Woods Have Eyes (Widescreen)
World Destruction Collection (Set)
World Famous Off Road Racing
World Famous Off Road Racing 2
World Famous Off Road Racing 3
World Ford Challenge
World Wrestling Network Presents FIP: Big Year One
World Wrestling Network Presents FIP: Shimmer 5
World's Most Insane Motorcycle Crashes
WWE: Unforgiven 2007 (Full Screen)

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