Trucking News: Drug-test cheating by drivers could renew calls for hair testing


Professional Pot-Stirrer
It’s time to remove marijuana from the drug test.

It’s legal medically or recreationally in a majority of states. Polls show 60% of Americans want it completely legalized.

I don’t want people on hard drugs like PCP, Cocaine, or meth driving a truck.

But Mary Jane isn’t a big deal at all. It even has many medical benefits and is prescribed for a variety of ailments by thousands of Doctors.
Its illegal at the federal level, and theyre calling the shots where your CDL is concerned.


That needs to be changed.
“But.... but...

Youre sayin you want truckers drivin around smokin pot and gettin stoned??? Dammit man what the hell’s wrong with you?! You dont care bout widdle kids or kittens bein safe at all!!”


And you know damn right well thats the first thing the natterin naybobs is gonna say soon as thats even suggested