Driving with a mentor or senoir driver


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I will be meeting my mentor at my home terminal on Monday. I am very nervous because I don't know what he expects. Does anyone remember riding with a mentor or senoir driver? How was it?
I had to do this three times.

The first time was when I got out of truck driving school, and the trainer was outstanding. He taught me some very valuable things while I was out on the road with him. He never sacrificed training for getting miles.

The other two, due to changing to a reefer company, then a flatbed company, were not so good. Both of these guys were simply annoying as hell.
it's a hard adjustment to get used to. such small cramped quarters witth a total stranger whom you know nothing about. ever how it goes just remember it is not a permanent situation and you will be on your own soon enough and asking yourself why you chose this profession everytime shipper/reciever/traffic get on your nerves.

BTW good luck.
In my case, my mentor was my husband, so that was a pitiful situation :) Seriously, most times it works out great. Just remember that this guy is there to help you, so ask him lots of questions and don't pretend to know it all.
My trainer lived in Wyoming and I lived in Missouri he got home 3 times once for 4 days I got home twice for nomore than a day. Neadless to say I had to stay at a truckstop when he was home bored and very little money for food. and this whent on for 5 weeks. I hope their pairing you up with someone that lives close to you.
howw that had to suck. that really ticks me off when big companies do this to drivers and expect drivers to stay around when they are telling newbies we don't care about you so sit in the truck for a few days while your trainer goes home to his bed, hot shower and even hotter piece of ass while you sit the twiddling your thumb. drivers need to wake up and realize if this is the way they are gonna treat you as a new driver then how are they gonna treat you down the road ? my guess is your not working for them anymore.

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