Driving out school for would-be truckers


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Officials in National City said last night that they may use several measures to bar Momax Truck Driving School from operating next to an elementary school in the city's most polluted neighborhood.

Two weeks ago, neighbors, teachers and activists complained to City Council members that the truck driver training school was polluting the area with its diesel fumes and even blamed the business for inducing an asthma attack that killed a 67-year-old man.

City Attorney George Eiser delivered a report to the council last night that outlined numerous methods the city can use to stop the business from operating, such as a moratorium or a zoning change.

The council is interested in four measures: restricting a truck driving school from operating within 100 feet of a school or residence; establishing a no-trucking route in the area where Momax is located; passing a citywide no-idling ordinance; and possibly declaring Momax a public nuisance.

City Imposes a 5 minute idling limit

As an update to this, National City has imposed a 5 minute idling limit in their efforts to run Momax Truck Driving School out of town.

SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Metro -- Law curbs big rig idling; 5 minutes is maximum

This of course is just the beginning. The City won't be happy until they can run this business out of town completely. Nothing like making it harder for people in your area to get career training, especially in a area of the United States that is so dependant on trucking.

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