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In God We Trust
I involuntarily donated some money to Pa. DOT. Sunday night at the house Jennifer told me i better get my log book caught up, nah i'll do it in the morning. Monday morning before i left she reminded me again. I'll do it when i stop and get fuel. So off i go. I jump off the turnpike in Breezewood, Pa and get motioned to pull over. DAMNIT i think to myself. He does a full check of the vehicle and checks insurance card, D.L, and medical card. All ok then he asks for log book. I told him up front that it is behind and i haven't caught it up yet. He takes it and looks in the back of the trailer. He goes to his truck and comes back in about 15-20 minutes. He makes me throw a load bar on the load and tells me he is gonna ticket me. Once again DAMNIT. He says the fine is 580$ and 10 hours shut down. He opts for the less serious violation and gets me for log book not current (friday morning was the last time i touched it, i don't work weekends). The fine ends up being 35$ but with all the add ons they throw on there it turns out to be 107.50$. I gladly sign it and get the hell out of dodge. Now the worst part of it all is i gotta tell Jennifer about it. I call and tell her, and to say the least she wasn't happy.
Nothing harder on the old ego than having to admit when you screwed up...maybe next time you'll listen to Jen.
guess you have to chock that one up to lesson learned. Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today. It could've been worse. The fine isn't bad its the phone call that's gonna suck.
My God you ppl act as if I am a mean b.i.t. or something..... I luv my cerbie:hug:
It's the least I can do from my cushy little desk job ;).

Hatchet buried Cerberus?

never was a hatchet, on my side at least. we all have our opinions and we all can't always agree except agreeing on disagreeing. hey like i said before i don't mean to ruffle feathers but i do sometiimes. i am opinionated and rude at times but i mean no harm or disrespect to others.
My God you ppl act as if I am a mean b.i.t. or something..... I luv my cerbie:hug:

and your not ? let me get a few more log violation tickets and we'll seee then how nice you are. lol. Luv you too baby. damn well i was looking for thhe banana hump thingy but couldn't find it, so i gotta grab something off the computer instead......hmm not working either.

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