Do You Chain Up In Bad Weather?


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Or do you park the rig until the roads are better?

I personally park the truck if at all possible, whether it is in a chain up area, or simply horrible road conditions.
If it is bad enough to chain.......then it's a good time to rest. In 21 years I have never put chains on. Gues I am timid. lol "Smile and Drive" Boogie
in 17 years i have never even touched a set of chains. i don't drive if the roads get that bad.
We had a day in truck driving school where we put chains on. Oddly enough, I was out getting my required driving time on the highway with the instructor, and there was a wreck that held us up for over an hour. By the time we got back, it was too late for me to put chains on, and I conveniently forgot to remind them the next day.
haha.. hell i wwouldn't know where to start if i had to put them on. probably few b33rs in me and i could figure it out or at least get a buzz.
I don't think I am so much against driving in the bad weather, I just don't want to get out and freeze my ass off messing with a bunch of rusted up chains.
that and the other hardcore drivers just scare the hell out of me.
When I lived in Washington I heard that some of the truck drivers would put the chains on there trailer tires going down the pass's. Or does every body that uses chains do this.

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