Do you carry a computer in your truck?

It will be a while before I complete school and training, but once I am out on my own, is it important to have a computer with me on the truck? What woudld I use it for besides getting on the internet?

Can you even get on the internet from your truck?

I have an IBM Think pad, cost about 350 dollars used, with the dvd driver. I love it. But you have to get connected with a WI-FI connection at the truck stops. Most, like Flyin J charge 19.95 a month with monthly pmts off your credit card. But be "careful" you could spend hours and hours on that darn thing and not even realize it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sleep-N-work 1st then play on the lap top! Oh by the way, most all the truck stops have there own WI-FI connections and yes the all charge for use seperatley.:mad: Have fun and be carefull.:)
I am carrying one now, but I have a Cingular card that I used to get online with. This allows me to get online basically anywhere that there is cellular service for $70/month. Takes the boredom out of sitting at a shipper or receiver.
As of this week, I carry a computer. Finally, I can get on the internet in the truck and visit more. I don't get by the house often (by choice), so this should help me stay in touch with all of you :)
As of this week, I carry a computer. Finally, I can get on the internet in the truck and visit more. I don't get by the house often (by choice), so this should help me stay in touch with all of you :)

Makes for a great way to pass the time.
Never thought I would carry a computer in my truck, much less spend time online with it.

It's definitley become a very good tool for me to have. Wouldn't go nowhere without it anymore.
Hubby loves his....he can watch videos on it, surf the net...etc. He loves it.
I don't know how I ever lived on the road without my laptop. It keeps me connected to everything and everyone. I use it for keeping a journal of my daily stuff, I watch movies on the DVD player, I email, I check out all the news pages, and I spend too much time on forums :) I will never be without a computer on the road again.
i just don't have time to play on a computer out there. i will do it when i get home on the weekends.
I carry mine for the folling reasons: Keeping track of loads and other thing, getting basic directions (remember to check the atlas to make sure that you are allowed on the roads that they give you), and keeping in touch with my family. But I limit my time to 2 hrs a day tops. Remember that rest is more important then chat lines and games. Good luck on your new carrier
My cousin's are truckers and I just got them to get laptops this weekend. Their are alot of good reasons that you should have one.
1.If you are in a location where you don't have good cell phone coverage they can always send email(we've left messages on the cell phone and they never recieved them)
2. If you have excess space, or dead head you can look for loads.
3.Great for getting directions
Also, this is the 20th century, anyone that doesn't have a laptop is behind in time.
yeah i always have one for my spare time, as well as checking loads and such. but also my company likes to always stay in contact with me. i carry 2 cell phones 1 personel and 1 provided by the company and a lap top in my truck.

I just bought me a new one here last tuesday. i picked it up at wally world it's a acer aspire 4520 has everything on it including a built in webcam. real fast on the internet and such and has good software on it. i also bought me a mouse that plugs into the usb port and that makes it easier to use in a motel room or on my little table in the rig.
my bf and i have a laptop each when hes online i play games on mine we have a flat screen tv and dvd player for watching movies and such as we are out here a good 35 days max b4 we go home for 35 days he has an air card from att so we can access when the signal is good plus we have a cell phn so his family can stay n touch i use the internet to stayin touch with my friends online that have email address
i have a dell inspiron 1721.

i use it to find loads and check email,

i allso use it to check weather in the winter to see if i need to reroute my trip.

and i get on here and check all you out :p
hell ya... gotta catch all the news.....

you all keep me very informed.

and amused LOL:))

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