GPS Do I need a GPS in my truck?


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Mar 26, 2007
These things are expensive. Once I go to school, and go through training, there is alot of things I am going to need to get. Where does this land as far as my priorities are concerned? Can I get by without it for a while?
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Jun 2, 2007
If I had to I would buy a tom tom every mo. It saves me lots of time and the directions dispatch sends suck.. I looked at all of them and I went with the tom tom 1. my otr trainer was old school never had one then after getting lost in the city i got one the next day at best buy for $200 best thing i have on the truck. now my trainer got one as soon as i left his truck. just be sure to check the atlas for low clearances and restricted routs. only have found 2 in 5 mos but be sure to check..
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Since I already had a laptop, I went with the Microsoft Streets and Trips with the built in GPS Guidance. I do still have to check the map for low clearance and restrictions. There is a software program called CoPilot that's made for truckers and has this built in. Maybe next year when I need an upgrade, I'll switch to that one.

The one thing I wish these would do is automatically make the correction and guide you when you miss or make a wrong turn.
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Sep 24, 2007
I am old school a map book, my memory of places, and a cell phone. I of course use the QC every once in a while. LOL mainly as a look pretty. After driving for so many years you learn town and cities and begin to remember where stuff is. It's like old habit. Now we do use a hand held road mileage or trip miler. I forgot what it's called just to help us with the distance when we are to tired to figure it out but you could use the back of the map book for that also.
The main thing is always check for low clearances, take into account weather and snow for road conditions, and check for road closures and construction zones. These are what really mess up most new drivers. Let's not forget the chain laws and all that when planning a trip to make sure we plan accordingly.
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Nov 19, 2007
I think Navigon makes the best GPS device. Some features include: Reality View, which is a 3D view complete with the actual road signs and their text! Speed warnings, voice, free real-time traffic for life, connection to pc through USB and more. I'll have to stop 'cause now I sound like a commercial.

It has a steep price ($500 - $550). But as soon as I can afford it I'll get it.
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Jul 13, 2007
i use va navigator its 10 bucks a month and will tell you within 20 feet where you are at will also search around you for food theaters and many other things biggest bonus it gives point a to point b directions down to which side of e way your next ramp is on any question pm me i think its the &*^

This sounds like an inexpensive and worthwhile option. I mean 10 bucks is cheap enough to get you to where you need to be.
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