Do I have the wrong idea?


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I am currently having some problems with a dispatcher. The one I had before him was awesome and did his job well. This guy I continue to have problems with, anywhere from confusing my status as a company driver instead of a lease op(which is another story), extending my home time without telling me, sending me wrong loads(this happened a number of times, I would be in NC and I would be asked to do a swap with someone in Kansas when my load was delivering in NC). And today was probably what got me the most irritated. I don't even have the guys number to call him since I always use the qualcomm, I was hauling a broker load, but I was delivering to a place we normally deliver to; I asked him to send me the directions to the place. The response I got was, "Call the broker, I don't know."

Do I have the wrong idea about this? Am I just used to better help? I've been taking a hit on lately due to break downs, after this week things will be back to normal but it really cuts into my savings, I don't like to pull anything out of it. This guy is new, but I have given him three months to get his act together and its not happening. I am ready to use my seniority at the company to full advantage, because this guy makes me want to quit. I started looking at other companies. Am I being a cry baby? This is the only time I have encountered anything like this.
When you have continual problems with a dispatcher, you need to let someone know quickly and get moved to another board.

Most likely, they simply have this guy running too many trucks and he is nowhere near ready to handle it, but it isn't your job to lose money and train the guy.
You know its funny you should mention that, because I sat one saturday for six hours holding his hand thru the computer system that i know better than him, and I've never been a dispatcher.
Been in this situation, and it isn't any fun. If the dispatcher doesn't know what he/she is doing, then you are losing money.

Companies have a bad habit of putting the inexperienced guys on call at night time as well, which is why I never called night dispatch when I worked at a large company.
You're not being a crybaby. After three months, I would no longer consider this guy new. Habitually making the same mistakes over and over again just shows that this guy is not learning his job well. I would definately complain about this guy and soon. He is costing you money and that is not fair to your or any of the companies that are being affected by his ineptitude.
He has been gotten rid of, sometime last week, if he was fired or quit I don't know, but the damage has been done and I am now jaded in how I view this company. And I am looking for something new. Shaffer seemed to have a decent offer, it was either .41 or .42 cpm, weekends at home, stay out if I wanted, SE work. I wouldnt mind finding a smaller company that would do regional work, but I don't have that many contacts.
There are quite a few smaller companies that run Southeast, do you want to run dryvan or reefer?
I can do either, hell I can haul glass, and flatbed. I got started at Schneider specialized.
Is Schneider out of the question as far as going back? Not sure what your experience was with them
If you have been dealling with this for awhile i would check out your options with your terminal manager. Tell them what is going on and that you are thinking of going somewhere else. I think yoou will be amazed at the results that you get. And if you have been dealing with this for awhile you are not being a cry baby. Some people don't belong handling loads. And the only way the company knows is if the driver's say something.
After a period of 3 months, if this guy hasn't gotten with the program, its probably not going to happen. If you've spent alot of time with this company, it'd be a shame to throw that time away and start over somewhere else, but you have to work out the best solution for the situation that you're in, if that means moving on, so be it.

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