Owner Operator Dispatch— necessary paperwork per load


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Hello all,
I’m a new member here. My husband is a driver and we will be purchasing our own truck and running under our own authority in within the year. I will handle the paperwork and dispatch.

His current company has agreed to let me dispatch his truck starting in the next few weeks, and then they will give me more of their trucks to dispatch once I get my feet wet.

I’ve worked with the trucking industry for years (as a customer), so I’m not completely ignorant of what to expect. I’ve also recently been studying load boards and lane rates. My question is, as a dispatcher what type of paperwork and information will I be dealing with for each load? I am grateful for the learning opportunity that I’ve been given before we start out on our own and don’t want to make any unnecessary mistakes. I appreciate any input and advice you can give me.


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I get loads from emails,calls,and load boards
I find out when it picks up,and drops off,and all the info i can about the load.We haggle over the price,if we come to a agreement
they send me a rate confirmation to sign and send back.I make sure the same info is on the rate con as we discussed,price included.
I send it to the driver when I had drivers,i am a lone wolf now.
When it is done,I get the POD and send it in along with a invoice and rate confirmation

if there are assocerials such as layover,detention,lumpers,TONU,I get it on updated rate cons and make sure my invoice is correct and send it in,sometimes to my factoring co and sometimes to the broker.If I send it in to a broker,I write on a legal pad I have and keep up with it.I write down the date,amount of load,broker,and load number to keep up with it
when paid I mark it off
some people use computer programs I just write it down so i see it often
I use IT Dispatch because it is 75 a month and keeps up with the loads and I can easily clone a bunch of loads,I can email the info sheet to the driver if I want too plus it figures a driver settlement sheet every time i want to
don`t be bashful on telling them what you will have to have,no cheap freight
hope this helps


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I actually type a Bill of Lading with our company logo for my drivers from information off of the rate confirmation. Some shippers have their own BOL but my guys prefer having information before getting to the pick up location. That way the rate info isn't readily available to shipper or receiver (most brokers do not want that info shared).


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I get a rate confirmation from the broker on the load. This is also sent to the truck that will be hauling the load. Since their pay is percentage, they deserve the rate con.

The billing information is entered into quicken home and business and invoiced from there.

Upon delivery, the driver scans the pod and send it to me and I invoice the broker immediately that day.

Quicken has an invoice template for paying.

I'm sure if I wanted to figure out settlement for the guys leased on to me, I could get it to do that to.

As a single truck, it works quite nicely for running a business. Gets a little more cumbersome when you expand and add trucks.

Either way though, makes it easy to do your taxes at the end of the year too.