dinner on the road

hi all i am new here, and have a question.....would any of you out there consider stopping alongside the road for a hot bowl of chile, tater soup ect...with cornbread, biscuits or bread? the price? whatever you would kindly donate.... if you need a reson that i am asking... it's typical, i am flat busted, and work is hard to come by, and i am trying to get my family back on it's feet, and into a home of our own, if i earn enough to get a little of my needs taken care of i'll be happy with that. i recognize that perhaps the laws may frown on this, but i figure it must be better than some other options.... thanks all for the reply's i hope to receive.
I am a little skeptical about buying food from people on the side of the road, but I do see people who regularly sell barbecue and other food items on the roadside, and seem to get a decent amount of business.

I am sure there are quite a few truck drivers that would be willing to stop for things like this, but the problem is getting to a location where truck drivers have room to actually stop their rigs legally.
I admire that you want to do something to help your family.
I can understand the flat busted as I have been there before.

Although I cannot speak for all truckers but only the ones I work with and most would not stop unfortunately.

Truckers like most people acquire habits. One being where they like to stop and take a break and eat.

Although my sister has stopped near town a few times and bought BBQ and said it's AWESOME!:)
ty both replies are inspiring, cautious yet inspiring i really appreciate that, i live not far from a truck stop so i guess tomorrow i will go have a look see at what is there...
What about working at the truck stop? Not sure what they would pay, but it would be steady money.
yeah, i have been there a couple times, but the manager hired a person i had been asociated with...bad situation, although i do believe i will try again....not right for them to judge me based on her...ty
I'll throw my two cents in here....

I would be very leery to eat at a roadside location, especially one I am unfamiliar with.
And as you stated before, so many food laws nowadays, it would probably cost a pretty penny just to be legal to sell the food.

Have you tried your local temp agency?
yes i have, unfortunately i have alot of non visable problems that prevent many of the typical positions, i have nerve damage, and shoulder problems, both prevent me from keeping a decent job for any length of time......did not mean to dump my problems here, just was wondering if there were some out there who would, my friend is a driver and her and her team mate suggested it as a way to get back on my feet enough to rejoin the rat race...:)
If the food is good, and it's there consistently, word of mouth would spread and you would get a few repeat customers. I don't recommend it however due to liability issues not to mention the government bugging you.

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