Diesel prices jump more than 11 cents per gallon


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  • Feb 1, 2007
    The national average diesel price shot up more than 11 cents per gallon for the week ending Monday, April 2. The reported price is 17.3 cents higher per gallon than a year ago.

    Analysts quoted by various media say tension in the Middle East – particularly with Iran – has been a factor in crude oil trading. Domestically, a slight rebound in supply recently has still not caught up with early spring demands, according to other media reports.

    The combined average price for on-highway low-sulfur diesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel was $2.790, which was 11.4 cents higher than the previous price of $2.676 reported the previous week by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

    The EIA reported a national average price of $2.751 for low-sulfur diesel, up 11.7 cents from the previous week, while ULSD had an average price of $2.803, up 11.3 cents.

    The EIA reports combined averages and separate averages on a national level, while prices for ULSD are further broken down into nine reporting regions.
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