Diesel Prices Continue To Slowly Drop


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Bucking the trend set by rising gasoline prices, national prices for on-highway diesel have seen four consecutive weeks of slight decreases following a spike to an average of $2.88 per gallon in mid-April.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported an average pump price of $2.773 for low-sulfur diesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel for the week ending Monday, May 14, 2007. That’s 1.9 cents cheaper than the previous week and 14.7 cents less than a year ago.

The EIA, which splits the national averages for low-sulfur diesel and ULSD into separate categories, reported a 2.1-cent decrease for low-sulfur diesel – from $2.716 to $2.695 per gallon – and a 1.9-cent decrease for ULSD, from $2.816 to $2.797 per gallon.

ULSD prices decreased in each of EIA’s nine regions, with the exception of the Rocky Mountain region, where the fuel increased two-tenths of a cent from $3.002 to $3.004 per gallon. That region continued to sport the highest average price in the nation, according to the government.

The biggest decrease was in the Lower Atlantic region, where ULSD fell 2.9 cents per gallon from $2.773 to $2.744.

Next up was the East Coast region with a 2.6-cent decrease from $2.813 to $2.787, followed by the Central Atlantic region with a 2.4-cent decrease from $2.865 to $2.841.
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