Current State Of The Trucking Industry


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Hello Everyone, I'm considering becoming an owner operator but becoming a bit concerned. It seems everyone I'm talking to is telling me the industry is going through a slow time, drivers not getting loads, expenses going up, etc. I spoke to a guy with a truck financing company that said they are down 30% in financing first time owner operators and small fleet owners. Is now a good time to get into this or are you guys seeing business down over the past several months?


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It's all about your comfort for level of risk. Some here haven't got much, others have a great tolerance.

Just like any small business. It'll be what you make of it. Just go into it with your eyes wide shut and be flexible with what you do.


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Thanks for replying mndriver but are you seeing the small time owner operator business going through a slow time over the past months or is it business as usual?

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