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Crete and Shaffer


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Ok we have been working for Shaffer trucking for 4 years it's a division of Crete Carrier Corp. Although I don't like Crete I do like Shaffer the Refer division. Shaffer makes sure to get me home for hometime when I need it and when emergencies arise.
there is some division between Crete,
Shaffer, and Hunt. Crete really doesn't care if their red trucks get home or not. I say that cause a friend of mines son had surgery and Crete refused to let her hubby come home. He went home anyway it was less than 2 hours and almost lost his job over it. They didn't care that her son was seriously ill.
Shaffer on the other hand tries to get the family home for important dates and surgeries. I am a trucker but currently off the road as I had to have surgery earlier this year. shaffer has always got my husband home in time for my surgery. I have even had Shaffer dispatch call to check on me while I was sick home late at night and to let me know they were working on getting my husband home to me.
My husband has yet to miss one of my surgeries. I am not sure when I might make it back out to trucking but it will probably not be until next year. That's not that far away though.
I do go on some runs with him and when the guys and gals see me at the terminals everyone is so friendly I feel like a super star. Of course we do our jobs and don't give dispatch much grief.
I use to get in trouble for doing the smiles ;) on the computers to dispatch now everyone misses it so when I am on the truck I make them. That's my way of letting them know I am alright.
When I had surgery Shaffer switched hubby to regional from OTR with no hassle and no rehiring like some companies want to do so you would loose benefits. Thanks for keeping our benefits Shaffer. ;)
Shaffer use to allow dogs now
Crete has a no dog policy apparently & we are trying to get that worked out.
Hunt basically does it's own thing it's the flat bed division and mainly OO from what I have seen.
Sorry for all the color changes that's the company colors and how I keep my info separated.
back to trucking, looking for a company

Just curious if anyone might be able to help. I don't have any recent experience so I went to Northwestern Tech to get my CDLs again, just graduated Dec.15. I am not looking to make the most money, just want steady work with good benefits and decent pay. I would prefer home time over miles and money. I am in North Ga area. Any suggestions or referals? I am currently driving a straight truck for a retail store, not happy with hours or pay. I drove for Overnite Trans Co 1982/1983 but no big rigs since then. Please offer any advice, all is welcome.

TIA, Tony Morris / Ringgold, GA / [email protected]

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