Coventant Transport Is A Starter Company


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I recentlly left covenant trucking after 3 months. They are a starter company. I have no big complaints about them. Maybe I am naive. I actually liked my trainer, he cared. He taught me alot, and I was happy to help him earn his 600 dollar bonus. Whatever terminal you are at you have to drive a van. It is part of their testing. It is not reserved for bad drivers. Covenant will overlook a not perfect driver, but if you are really bad they just fire your butt, as they should. I got layed over a couple of times for a couple of days, wasnt happy about it but it was always for a reason. The miles were ok but they were a bit inconsistant. Training is 35 days with a trainer, and 30 days teamed with another newish driver. The previous poster never even finished his training. I really doubt he fired two dispatchers, because he couldnt. A few of the dispatchers do kinda suck, but some are pretty good too. Covenant does try. They lack in some ways, and they are not a company you want to spend a career with, but lets be fair. If you are going to take the time to post about something, at least be fair about it. People look at posts like these to try to get an honest assesment. At least dont be a dishonest idiot. Be an honest idiot like me.
Thats what I'm talk'n about and thats why i looked at this
web site to hopefully find a place where you could get a honest
opinion about a trucking company before you whent to work for them.
because i don't know about you but all that paper work you have too
fill out when your starting a new job sucks. and I'd Rather have a
good opinion about a place that i'm going to work for.lets face it they have
there DAC report so it's up to us drivers to make our own report on them
so keep it real and be honest when you post.

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