Covenant Transport


Covenant Transport is a truckload carrier based out of Chatanooga, Tennessee. Startin in the 1980's, Covenant now operates more than 3600 tractors and 9500 trailers.

Covenant Transports has several driving opportunities including Dedicated Run (team and solo), Refrigerated, OTR Solo and Team, independant contractors, as well as positions for students and recent trucking school graduates.

For more information on Covenant Transports, visit their website at - Covenant Transport

Do you work for this company, or have you worked for it in the past? Give a review here. If you have questions, post them here as well for drivers who are familiar with the company to answer if possible.


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Recently left Covenant and couldn't reccomend them to anybody. The equipment is ok, but that is about all I can say good about these people.

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