Convoy protests fuel prices; delivers message in person to DC lawmakers

As diesel fuel prices remain higher than $4, many truckers are at their wits' end on what to do to stay in business as rocky economic conditions continue to beat up the trucking industry. A convoy of truckers from as many as 27 states personally delivered their message of frustration to Washington, DC, on Monday, April 28.



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well folks I just got back into Harrisburg. Though I would fill you in a little bit, we left at 6 this morning with police and helicopter escort, everyone was really jacked up and ready to hit Dc. And I got to say we sure woke that town up!!,
i\It rained all the way which caused a few problems as you can imagine, once we were in town we had more police escort, and they blocked all the cross streets for us and led us into downtown to JFK.
Once there we marched onto the white house, where we gathered---for about ten minutes and then the rains of should I say the monsoons hit, the senators I believe allowed us to enter one of their office buildings to get out of the flood for which we all were grateful,
There was a rally inside and mark and several others held a news conference.
I am really tired but wanted you all to have some of the highlights We had a senator from Maine that rode and walked in high heels no less the whole way with us and rain didn't scare her off either.
When you say that you don't see any news I cannot understand, just about everyone there did several interviews and the reporters were everywhere, they were even jumping up on the steps of the trucks as they were slowly moving to ask a question or two.
I will tell you one thing that impressed me very much is just how many people in cars,trucks, walking, coming out of office buildings, the cops, EVERYONE was cheering us on, I have never seen so many thumbs up and high fives in my life, people were applauding from windows atop overpasses you name it, if nothing else came out of this its that the American public OVERWHELMINGLY support the Truck drivers in this cause, I will never doubt that again,
there there some glitches, yes! the rain being the main problem and the 2 plus mile walk didn't help either, many people stayed with the buses so the turnout at the capitol wasn't as large as it would have been, I heard that there were some groups that weren't sure of the route in and if you don't know where you are going in DC. you sure don't want to try it on a day like today, so they stayed away but all in all it went pretty well and I can assure you that DC. knew we were there and why!!!