computer blowout deal - BUY QUICK


In God We Trust
comp usa is officially going out of business... that means right around the corner, there will be a blow out sale of mass proportions. they sell mac and pc, so there should be something for everyone.

get your checkbooks ready.

RIP, CompUSA: 1984 - 2008 - Engadget


In God We Trust
but of course. they gotta try to make at least something before they close the doors for good. i think this is sad cause i liked compusa. now i gotta find another computer store.


You talk'n to me
I went to the comp, usa here in dayton ohio when that store
Was closing no deals to be had there even whent on the last day
Of the sale still high priced crap. i mean they was selling a broken
computer case for $29.00 and there where pices missing.
I hope everybody else has better luck.