Politics Communist China’s TikTok Will Now Collect Your ‘Faceprint’ and ‘Voiceprint’


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Yes. Communism is bad.

Tiktok is owned by communist China.

So let's help them get web traffic and make more money.

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Facebook is no better, so when you quit posting there.

Oh, wait. Nobody is posting there now, lol.

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It's funny, the downtime didn't impact me at all. I heard on the news that it was down. By the time I was parked this evening and opened up the laptop, it was back up and running. Helps when Facebook it typically a laptop only activity, and mostly to forward news stories from here to the facebook group, then a few minutes of time wasting.


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Those two heckling Milton Berle is funny stuff!

You know the Guns N Roses Appetite For Destruction logo? With the cross shape and all the skull faces?

I got one like that except it was of Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem. It faded because it was a cheap Chinese knockoff but it was cool for a few washes anyway.

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