Clinton, McCain want fuel-tax holiday; Obama disagrees

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama has come out against the idea of a federal fuel tax holiday this summer, calling it a "short term, quick fix" proposal. Democratic contender Sen. Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Sen. John McCann have both already called for the holiday.



In God We Trust
interesting article. why is she agreeing with mccain ? doesn't make sense. gov't crap behind the scenes we don't know about yet.

The New Yorker

Is a way of life
Clinton went a step further and also wants to levy a windfall profits tax against Big Oil. She wants to use the revenue from such a tax to bolster the federal highway fund.
Highway fund? how about using the money to fix the issue

All three candidates are in favor of suspending the purchase of more oil to put into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
Hey are they catching on here.

Clinton and Obama both have called for an investigation into possible manipulation of oil markets
Gee what a great idea, they maybe onto something...... dumby

The New Yorker

Is a way of life
These people kill me sometimes on how slow they are and think their giving us new ideas. I heard Congress had a meeting the other day to push a new product on the people, their really excited about it. It's a tv that can show programs in COLOR!