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Could not even complete a year at this company. I tried them because they are based in my hometown and wanted to try a local company out.

They mostly run just on time freight for the auto industry. These loads are mostly run in the middle of the night. They expect you to leave with your empty with NO fudge time to spare. If there is a backup, your in trouble! Mostly runs loads in and out of Michigan from areas mostly ranging from WV, OH, IL, TN, and IN. Back loads seem to never be preplanned, but always seem to be expected to run outside of any considerable legal log hours.

Being a local company they give you an expectation of being out for a few days and then home for a day or so. They have some great loads that are home every night and great miles, but they are with only the few hold out seniors. They almost ALWAYS tend to schedule you to run a planned run, but then call you at all hours of the night (because they are mostly night runners) to run an uncovered load.

If you DO get to go home at all, you ONLY will ever get 10 hours there to reset your log. There is so many uncovered loads that your phone will ring like crazy only 5 hours after you get home. If you live a normal day while at home and do stuff in the day, go to bed and a normal hour, expect to get a call to run a load with NO SLEEP as long as your hours reset. They will not take "I need my sleep" at all, weather its your load or not. I just stopped answering my phone at a point. They are worse then creditors and telemarketers.

The equipment is POOR. There is NO assigned equipment. The equipment they do have is mostly over 1 million miles and dirty as hell. I don't remember having a truck that had decent AC. Most equipment is run down Frieghtliner XL's. There is some rental Frieghtliner Centuries that are just as bad. Anytime you ever cleaned up a cab, they just give you a run with another dirty truck. Being slip seat, having any comforts from home or a CB was always a pain in the ass to swap in and out of your POV.

When it came to miles, it was pathetic. For getting VERY little sleep, broken home promises, and calls at all hours of the night, I was rewarded with VERY skimpy miles. Near the end of my experience with them, I was getting two runs from Adrian, MI to Chicago, MI and back a week. And while doing it they wanted me to do it fudging my logs. Little pay with big risk.

Only thing good I can say about this company is they really where good people. There problems are a compound problem facing the auto and trucking industry. They need to update there equipment to attract new drivers to fill the loads required. But they cant keep the drivers around enough to build the capital to do it.

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