Cheaper to buy fuel in USA or Canada?


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It varies a lot - states do change their tax rates. Many times fuel stops will adjust their prices on either side of a state line to be close in price. If there's a big difference in tax rates, you can score a deal on cheap base price fuel - if you pay your own IFTA tax bill.
I think Effingham does that a lot being as it is the north/south, East /west route close to other states.


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does anyone know of an Algorithm that exists that takes all the parameters into account that go into deciding where to fuel?
Converting US gallons to litres is easy .
What we need to know is the lowest pre tax price and that is not easy.
As a quebec based carrier her is what I need to do:

1)determine the GST & PST and remove it from the price as we run USA and we get all that back , so this price is included in the pump price.
2) convert the IFTA fuel tax from Dollars /mile into Dollars/gallon for each jurisdiction , as that number is based on your fleets fuel efficiency (kms run /litre of fuel_
3) take into account the exchange rate.

i have not seen anything on the WEB that does this.


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Need a webcrawler to search all that data out daily. Not difficult, but not free either.

Beyond my capabilities but I’d always task one of my employees to do that stuff.


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“Simplest” form would be a spreadsheet with a Visual Basic pop up that would have you enter the daily numbers in from a US or Canadian source and have it look up the various state/provincial tax rates that you’d have to down load weekly or daily.

At one time it would’ve taken me a week or so to do something like that. Not anymore. Too out of practice or have the desire to program.

Maybe you got a Microsoft office guru in the office that knows Visual Basic and MS office.

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