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Life is a race
Has anybody had any experence with Central Refrigerated Ser. I'm thinking of going to work there.
I worked for them and had no problems. I only left to take a local dedicated job. The dispatchers I had always communicated well w/ me. I never sat long waiting on loads if I had to wait at all. The pay is not bad for a beginer and the trainers are willing to work w/ you if you are willing to learn. The management I talked to (I live in Salt Lake) all want the company to run well and expect that from you.
You will only average 500-550 miles a day the first week or 2 to make sure you can get to your destinations on time. After that expect 1,000-1,500 mile runs on a regular basis. If you have problems w/ any department they get back to you fast and explain anything you ask. I did not go through the driving school so I cannot vouch for that. I would recommend a local community college for that then Central will repay it. More driving time so you are better prepared. Check w/ local unemployment office. You may get it paid through a federal program I used.
thanks for the info

I already have my cdl so don't need to go to school (maybe to spell).:D Im thinking of there lease plan do you have any info on that? Would you go back? There getting my info back on my mvr so I'm waiting.

how often do they get you home they say every other week for a couple days. does that sound about right. my wife would have a cow if it was once a month.
As far as home time it is officially 1 day off for 7 out. Max days they give officially is 4 no matter how long you are out. The orientation guy, who still drives for Central Fri. evening to Monday morn, did show us a way to turn 1 or 2 days into 3-4 days off. It is all in the way you time the loads you accept to and from home. If you schedule it in the middle of the week you do not take as big a hit in the paycheck as if you took a weekend off.
As for going back to them, yes I would. The people were curtious and seemed professional to me. I only had 6 months when I started w/ them so i was leary at first. The staff will work w/ you and make sure you are running. The pay is OK. Just don't plan on becoming a millionaire w/ them.
Anything else let me know.
9 weeks of work w/ them. I was on my reset in Salt Lake when a friend told me about the local job. I called and got it. The people I talked to (The Fleet Manager, My Dispatcher and Equipment Manager) all wished me good luck and told me I was welcome back even though I only gave 2 days notice.

One thing I might mention is to try and be based out of the Salt Lake terminal. You will get more and better loads than other terminals since it is the main one. One thing the fleet manager told me.
I don't personally work for them, but my brother does. He went thru thier school and got his CDL-no hazmat, but they pay more if you got it and haul blood. I grilled him about what he learned and he started reciting things I'd forgotten (I'm just getting back in, I've been servicing instead of operating). From his story I'd suggest to report any greivences immediately, all matters have been resolved quickly. Thier leasing program sounds average, but you can find drivers who have six months left you can take over, if you are interested- try to do any training with an o/o. I'm actually talking to a recruiter myself, although the only reason I may not go over there is better pastures. for what It's worth, My brothers story has gotten me to get back in the seat.
I talked to one of their drivers last week. I figured since I seen this thread, I would pick his brain to see what he had to say. He appeared to be happy with the company, and had been with them for about 8 months. This was his 2nd driving job.

He said they maintain their equipment pretty well, and was treated pretty well.

Hope this helps.

3 weeks ago they told me that they needed to do a mvr check and never got back to me. I think I found out why. I had another company do one and found out I did not have a drivers license.
blows my mind

the state said I surenderd my licence in march 2007 to another state. but what gets me is since march I have been dot inspected 2 times and my company just did a mvr run on me 2 months ago and nobody said nothing!

:beep: I am going to central and does anyone know about the lease program like can you load your own truck if they don't have a load for you or at any time????? :thud:
:tiphat:i drove for central refrigirated service ,that is not good choice,you never like company driver make good money ,all the time repower in time when you think o i have good load nice milage thay are do repower and you are done ,you can make a week 350-500$,if you take your home time you have 0$ ,thay are push for lease program when you sign you done it is nothing good ,if you take student with you may be good ,but may be!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:tiphat:you can do ONLY what thay are give to you ,you have to play on thay rules Only,no one like it,I worked for them do not go there ,you will see if you go!!!!!!!!!!!!
:banghead: home time is 9 days on road one day off,you can acumulated but if it is over one month you loose,and start over again ,like this you have your load to go home ,200-300 miles front of your house is next REPOWER you will go back to another coast,repower ,repower and repower no money ,
Do they use 670's how are the beds and do they give you the lounge? Also dispatch how are they do they give you good loads and get you home often..

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