Politics CDC Shielding Approach to COVID 19 Spread


pari animositate
Mar 19, 2009
Saw this in a Tik Tok and decided to look it up. It's very public information. And very scary.

While they plainly list the difficulty in implementing such a plan, don't think that it can't happen.

Because Australia is doing something quite similar.

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Aug 3, 2011
Our government has contingency plans for all sorts of things they're never going to do. Like the invasion of Canada, during the cold war, to seize the country if they thought the soviets were going to invade it first.

And who the hell knows what Jade Helm was about.

Though by the name, jade being a reference to China and helm being the control wheel of a ship, implies that they have a secret plan for letting China take over parts of the country.


But you can be sure that no matter how evil and tyrannical the US government becomes, the heavily armed populace won't do jack squat to stop them. If the shutdowns of small businesses, the riots they intentionally allowed, the election they openly and boldly rigged as we watched, wasn't enough, nothing will ever be that trigger event.
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