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Anyone have a good web site to buy CB's from?

I like using a site called myTriggers.com : Compare Prices and Shop Online You can find some real good deals.

You can find anything on there.
what kind of radio do u have im thinkin of buying one but im not sure cb or 10 meter i was thinking obout the genral lee or the connex 4300 hp but i had a cobra 29 peaked and tuned with a 350 watt kicker years ago but i sold it. i have read on the internet that 10 meter radio annoy truckers .how many of you guys use them??
I have the General Lee. It gives enough power to talk, without the overblown noise from using kickers, power mic's, and all the other stuff that can be put in the category of "going overboard" :)

Everyone I talk to says it sounds great.

If it ever breaks to the point it is going to cost me a bunch of money to fix it, I will probably buy it's big brother, the General Grant.
I've got a connex 3300 hp,peaked and tuned. Don't need anymore than that. Just tryin' to talk to the guys around me,not 2 states over. I do alot of mountain driving and it does just fine for me. I got it up in Syracuse,NY from a cb shop by the Pilot there for $100 + my cobra 29. I've had it three years and the only problem I had from it was the factory mic.Bought an astatic,fixed the prob!
Don't just look at radios either,make sure if you spend the money to get a big one you don't cheap out on the antennas,they'll burn it up real fast if you don't get one that can handle what you push,A francis is a good starting piont,but someone else may have a suggestion. Monkey mades are good but be careful of imatations,they can cost you big time!!Wilson's what I have,and it sets just right with my radio,my swr's are about perfect. Try cb city on the web as a guide,they have pretty good deals sometimes.
Nice information from all. Thanks. I have never had to use a radio, did local driving back in the 80s. How and what does it mean to "peak and tune" a cb? What is a "10 meter"? I know I can and will later go to the web sites you all have posted but just curios from your perspectives? Thanks again, TKM
Kodiak here in the Natural State at the 142 MM on I40. Greatest and THE best CB guy on the planet. I cannot find his website. But his number is:501-851-9810. Tell him Cowboy sent ya.

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Try this one folks.. All are welcome including those that are challenged output wise.
Mudducks Accepted LOL Good information for those commerical drivers and hobbists alike
Based outta the Midwest U.S.A.
Number 15 on the Top 100 List of top Radio Sites:
Q5 Top Sites

Or direct link:
Thanks to all the new users that have visited and/or jumped on board in the past few days from here on the Truckers Forum. Again feel free to visit our CB Message Board, register up if interested takes only a minute. Open to all commerical drivers and Cb Hobbyists alike. Links are provided in my prior post above..STORM
Well Stormbringer...Guess you took good advantage of your Free-Air Time card!:banana:

One shop that has just about anything you could possibly want "CB Related" is CB City...

They have a on-line site, and a real store front located just off I-20 in Tyler TX.

I would also find it hard to believe there is another CB Store in the Country that would have as much inventory of radios and antennas as CB City does...
I drive by that CB City everyday, but have never stopped.

If you ever decide to stop...Be prepared to drop some cash! Once you get inside, it's like a little kid walking into a candy store! And all the radios prices include P&T already added in to the price, so if you buy a Export radio, they will go ahead and do the 11 meter conversion and not charge you any extra...(some places will charge you another $20 for that)

Also. I know this is a old thread, so just a "FYI" on Clays CB Shop which use to be located on I-20 in Gordon TX. That shop is closed, and Clays moved to Weatherford TX, off I-20. They do still have a store front, but very few CB radios because they are now mostly selling Motorcycle equipment...

Another "on-line" shop that Killroy mention, www.ampsrus.org also is no longer around...
Clays didn't move, they simply shut down. The guy in Weatherford, as far as I know, is just a guy who used to work at Clay's.

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