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Ok, I just moved into this new truck. It is a brand new truck and I can't get my CB to work. The CB works, it was working in my old truck just fine, both trucks are t600's. All the connections are tight, but I can't get any signal in or out unless someone is right beside me. Not even static. I even ran new cable to see if that was the problem and its still the same thing.
Very odd, unless somehow the radio got messed up in the transfer. I have seen stranger things happen.

I would try hooking your radio up in another truck if possible to make sure it is working, after that, possibly the antenna. Is it the same antenna as before?
I would at least get a cheap spare, then get the one you have into a shop to have it checked out (depending on how much money you have in it)
Are all of your other components working ok? Is it possible something in the truck is interfering? I'd test it in another truck just to be sure.
I got it corrected yesterday. The antenna connectors were either bad, or were allowing the antennas to ground out on the body. I bought some new connectors and it works perfect.
I was gonna say till I saw your last post that it sounds like an antenna grounding problem. A lot of new trucks are coming off the line like this. Most used ones have had the problem fixed by the previous driver. Glad you got it fixed before you burnt up the radio.

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