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Fatal wreck investigation reveals carrier's clock fraud, safety violations
Dispatchers for one Pennsylvania trucking company repeatedly clocked out drivers who were over hours but kept working, and the company has tallied 92 safety violations in the past two years.
Those results and others were reported this week following a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration investigation of 973 company files maintained by L&H Trucking – which employs 204 drivers who logged 14.6 million miles in 2005, according to FMCSA.
L&H Trucking, of Hanover, PA, first came under scrutiny in February when company driver Raymond Green Jr. crashed into a car in Providence, RI, killing Joyce St. Laurent. It was later revealed that Green had falsified his logbook and had equipment violations.
According to The York Daily Record newspaper in Pennsylvania, L&H Trucking was fined $7,400 for 10 falsified clock records and “aiding, abetting, encouraging or requiring” employees to violate federal safety regs when drivers were over out of hours under the hours-of-service regulations.
L&H Trucking had 18 crashes between 2005 and 2007, including two fatalities yet the company has maintained a “satisfactory” safety rating by FMCSA.
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