CARB lawsuit rolls on: Plaintiff criticizes DPF requirements


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By Charlie Morasch, Land Line contributing writer

A legal fight against California’s diesel particulate filter requirement isn’t over yet – but plaintiffs in the case worry that legal delays are preventing their case being made.

The Alliance for California Business has battled CARB in court over California’s Truck and Bus Rule – a multibillion-dollar rule that has banned trucks with pre-2007 model year engines and required DPFs on virtually all trucks hauling freight in the Golden State.

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i remember when they were fining drivers a 1000.00 a day for not being compliant!! i rember when carb was bragging when carb brought in 2 million for the state for fines. now fast forward. how much of the state lost all of the revenue due to those business going under or moving out of state:confused-96:?? now i think since there taxing me a 1000.00 a day per say. i think that i would call that criminal taxation without representation. and heres the kicker there findings of why the trucks need dpf and scr engines are based on fraudulent research by a carb staff member named hian tran he lied about having his phd as well as his findings!! the sanfran chronicle did there did there own research and found out that he over estimated by 350%!! so now all of the drivers get screwed in to paying a 1000.00 a day fine or forking out 20 k for a dpf:mad:
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