Can you be a tractor trailor truck driver at 18?


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I think I would like to do that. I'm 17 right now but I have my GED and I really think that I would like to be a trucker, I would like to get out of the house a lot and I don't have a family yet or anything. Is there an age limit to drive a truck?
No.The insurance companies won't cover you, there for the trucking companies won't hire you.I'm not sure what the age limity is. It's either 21 or 25.
You have to get your license and a commercial licenses. Then you have to go to Truck driving academy..You will start out with milk runs until you get some experience..........####
Well , at 18 you are 'High Risk "insurance wise until you are 21. Then it drops a little until you are 25. All the adds I have seen for OTR drivers want someone at least 25 with 2 yrs exp. (how ya suppose to get exp. and be 25 is beyond me) Ya might want to look into the "Expediting business" where you buy a van or a box truck (paying your own insurance and of course your own truck or van pymt) and get a contract with an Expediter who guarrentees Next Day Delivery
Okay here is what the Nevada Commercial Drivers License Handbook states;
Legal Age"You must be at least 21 years of age to be issued a CDL to operate a commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce and 25 years of age or older to drive an over-length combination vehicle (70 feet). Applicants between 18 to 20 years of age may be granted a CDL to operate a CMV in intrastate commerce. However, this age group will not be granted the privilege to transport passengers for hire or transport hazardous materials requiring placards."
What this means is that you can obtain a CDL at the age of 18 you just can not go out of the state that you live in. That is if you can find someone to hire you ate that age. Most states have this law.
Everyone has given you an answer... and most are right.... but here are some thoughts for you....

You can get your CDL at age 18.... You are not allowed to run interstate.... You have to stay in the state you are licensed in

Second, you will probably have a very difficult time getting a job because of your age. Like everyone stated, it's an insurance thing. You are looking at age 21 for interstate and most companies that I have dealt with have a 23 year age minimum for insurance purposes.

There is no law that says you can't get your CDL and drive a truck, but the odds are against you for that job to happen. If you know a farmer or rancher that needs someone to haul grain, or livestock to the elevator or stockyard, you may get lucky. You might find an owner operator that will put you on running locally, but I highly doubt it. You are going to have a tough time getting your foot in the door, but that doesn't mean that it can't be done....

I have been looking at life through a windshield for over thirty years... with no accidents or violations.... 2.5 million miles... I have also trained more people how to drive one than I can remember. It is not just a job, but a lifestyle. It can be very rewarding, but also can be very lonely. You have to enjoy your own company... :-}

Good luck to you in your pursuits.
Yes you can, my dad runs a semi hauling hay/silage/cow crap between his farms using a semi, my brothers drove it when they were younger then 21, they got a restricted license through New York, they had to meet all the requirements and pass all the tests that everybody else does, including haz-mat(not the same as I have but for transporting the farm supplies)however since it is a registered farm vehicle they were restricted to the routes registered on the truck permit and could not be caught off those routes unless it was an emergency, that was not due to their age but the tractor permit itself
Well... judging by the age of this thread, the poster is now almost 20 years old. Not much longer to wait. Who dredged this out of the archives, anyway? Oh, I see. Hmmm... for what purpose, I wonder?
sometimes just in looking at threads I have failed to look at the date......(I know a mistake won't happen often), and replied not realizing its an old post till too late.....

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