Can i drive trucks in the us ?


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I live in england (London) and im coming to america florida for 6 months. i hold a class 1 licence which lets me drive any truck over here. how hard would it be to get work? and what would i be entitled to dive? What sort of money can i earn? how many hours a week?
why would you want to come over here ?

sheesh, after the way this country is going downhill. i'ed just stay home.

america is not a good place to be anymore.
Whether or not you can work while in the US would depend on your visa, if it is a work visa or a tourist visa. As far as driving in a country other than the one you are licensed in, most countries have reciprocal licensing agreements recognizing driver licensing from nations that they have diplomatic relations with, although I cannot speak for how those agreements extend to licensing for commercial vehicle licensing. The fact that you say you are only coming over for 6 months leads me to assume you will be here on a tourist visa. Even though I have never been outside the US except Canada, I do know that your visa status will dictate what you can do while staying in a foreign country.

All that being said, the company I work for has a driver who is from England, and until recently a driver who was Australian. The latter tragically died in a motorcycle accident on a weekend off. I am sorry but I never felt the need to inquire as to how they coordinated their licensing issues.

Good luck, and enjoy your visit to our (your former :p) country.

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