California law will require all reefers to be 2002 or newer


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Long-haulers of produce have more to worry about in California than E. coli and the expiration of cargo – their reefers could be expired as early as next year. Soon, refrigerated trailers won’t be allowed in the state unless they’re late models or retrofitted to create less emissions.

The California Air Resources Board is trying to notify U.S. truck drivers of a law slated to take effect in December 2008 that won’t allow reefer models from 2001 and older. The rule will continually generate tighter restrictions, including the exclusion of 2002 models by 2009 and newer models in each additional year.

In May 2006, CARB estimated the cost of retrofitting or replacing trailers between $2,000 and $20,000.

Retrofitting of older reefers must reduce emissions by 50 percent for 2001 and older models, and 2002 and newer trailer retrofits must reduce emissions by 85 percent. California-based trucking companies are required to register their reefers and place identification numbers on the trailers.
CARB said out-of-state drivers may register their trailers as well.
Before being implemented, the rule must be granted an exemption by the EPA from the national Clean Air Act.

Exemptions from the national Clean Air Act are standard protocol, said Dimitri Stanich, a spokesman for CARB.
When is this State going to break off into the Ocean like they used to talk about? Time for it to become it's very own communist Country.

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