California idling limit begins Jan. 1; misdemeanors possible

Truckers who cross the California state line after Jan. 1, 2008, have a new reason to dread doing so: On New Year’s Day the state begins enforcing a new anti-idling measure that doesn’t exempt sleeper time.

lets keep this in front of all drivers and get the word out, the sooner we have an impact thru a boycott the better it will be for all concerned

I have read and would/will support a truck shutdown to get changes made in this industry,however as it is being pointed out, the people organizing it are not very organized. The jan 3 to 8th dates are the most common dates i have seen on the net and heard about on the radio.

While I am watching that go on I am asking all drivers that is owner/operators company and union alike to join me in a boycott of California over the CARB rules, anti idling, the mandated emissions rulings that will cost every truck owner tens of thousands of dollars per truck to comply with ect.

Everyone should be concerned with the anti idling laws and fines for they will start the first of the year with more being phased in over the course of the next several years, does anyone think that it is safe for a driver to try to sleep in 100 plus heat and then drive, or the other end 0 degree temps? are they crazy it just isnt safe and if you choose to protect your health by using your heater [and that includes any APU you might own] they will fine the hell out of you!!
lets see, chance heat stroke or freezing to death or being fined into bankruptcy some choice huh!!

Well I am calling for a third choice EVERYONE boycott CALIFORNIA they have made it plain they do not want us there and that our health and lives are not worth anything so I am asking that we just say no to that state.

This is something that can be done even if a national truck shutdown is doomed to failure because we are all into this together it will effect all of us so I am asking that starting jan 1st and continuing indefinably all truckers just say no to California freight,don't worry if at first it looks like you are alone in this,you are not!!! thats the beauty of this, it can keep adding new people and grow for as long as that state sees fit to jeopardize our health and well being.

Now if we cannot get together on something that has the potential to kill each and everyone of us, then we are really lost as an industry and as a nation of free people, this is an injustice that must be made right!!!

So am I talking to an empty room or are there people willing to stand with me on this and spread the word far and wide and get this wrong righted!!!

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