CalArk Lease Program


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anybody there right now doing there lease purchase program?


I don't have any personal expierience with CalArk's Lease, but take it from someone who's bit the dust on 3 lease purchase plans.

1. There not selling you the truck to help you. There doing it to help themselves.

2. You can just as easily go down to an actuall dealership and get a truck, thats actually yours, and have much much much cheaper payments.

3.If you're concerned about the down payment, then heres something you should know...If you don't have enough money to put a down payment on a truck through a dealership, then you don't have enough money to lease one through a company.

4. Diesel is at it's highest prices in ages. Seems like a really bad idea to get into owning a truck at the current moment.

5.How long have you been driving? because, leasing or owning, or what ever you call it, "It's a buisness". Like any other. And if you don't have any exp in the industry, seems kinda dumb to buy a truck. And trust me, if you did have exp. in the industry, you would know better and wouldn't even be asking this question.

6.It's a lease. Chances are, you will never own the truck, unless ofcourse, the company slams some huge balloon payment on you at the end. And trust me, the balloon payments are way way to high. and by the time you've gotten to that point, the truck is beat to hell.

7. Last but not least, It's not your truck. Yes, your paying for it, but it's yours. Why do I say this. Ask the company if they will turn it wide open for ya. They won't. ask them if you can modify it. You can't. Ask them if you can haul another company's freight while your laid over for a weekend, you won't be allowed. So basically, your paying for there truck, fueling there truck, and paying all the maintance, just so they can take it back from you when the truck is paid for 4 times over. Thats right 4 times over. Average cost of a lease plan is around 450 - 500 a week. that times 4 is approx 2000 dollers. times twelve is 24 thousend. times 4 years avg lease plan, that's 96,000 dollers for 4 years, and again, you have to turn the truck back in. Oh yeah, and chances are, its a used truck your leasing. and that 96k doesn't count fuel, maintnance. And that fuel surcharge. WOW..yeah. forget it. Not even close to making up the difference.

Anyway, call me negative, but ask anyone else, anyone else who's driven for any length of time, and they will back me up on all of this. Leases are a huge waste of your money, and will ruin your career, credit, family, home. Yes, you can and probably will loose all these things over a lease. I almost did 3 times.. Almost lost my life with a lease through John Christner as well


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kinda of funny your experiences with lease programs I have been through 3 of them and paid off 2 trucks. The 1st with Marten transport the 2nd with John Christner,have 2 drivers in both of those trucks and have 1.5 years left and my third truck will be paid off.Lease programs are what you make of them...Not all programs are bad.Seen you are standing by Western Express truck all that chrome looks good but does not put food on the table..


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Im also thinkin of doing a lease program but through swift or stevens. I keep considering the different options out there.