Cadillac Man, El Paso, Texas

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Ok, looking for some information from guys that have done this before. When you get down around El Paso, Texas, there is a guy advertising round trips into Mexico.

He picks you up at the truck stop, takes you into Mexico, and brings you back. You also get a 6 pack of beer as part of your trip.

"channel 31 for the Cadillac man"

I know there are others, but this one has been around the longest, and you can hear his radio on the "skip" hundreds of miles away sometimes.

Anybody every taken this trip? I have considered it a couple times but never gone through with it.
I have not taken the trip, but I have talked to many drivers that have. If you are wanting to go, this is not a bad deal, as long as things haven't changed since I last went by there.

I used to hear him twice a week, going to Californian, and coming back. I was tempted, but I barely had timed to get to California and back every week, much less go get drunk in Mexico, LOL. It has been a few years (2003) since I have been by there, but back then, it was a good deal.
i never heard that when i was down there. go for it man but be careful and don't go by yourself. always have someone you know with you. and if Bullwinkle says it's a good deal then go for it.
Underage girls in Mexico

Cadillac Man, Papa Smurf and any of those guys have been in business for years. I have been on a few trips down there when I was a single young man and had nothing to lose. He stopped several times on one trip (the last one I ever took with him) to try to pick up underage school girls. Like around 12 to 14. After he tried this, I had to restrain myself from ringing his neck. There are many schemes used by various entities to try to test you to see if you will have relations with underage girls. The slogan: "what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico" is a bunch of crap. There is a war on drugs going on you know. There is also a war on the sex industry going on. You can take the trip down there to the bars, but be very leary of anyone who remotely appears underage and if you happen to end up in a van with the Cadillac Man or one of his minions driving and he successfully picks up some underage school girls while you are in it, well.......You might consider relocating to another country.... He has been in business for years and his operation is no secret. When traveling to Mexico, you may become drunk at some point, and then someone may try to take advantage of you by offering you underage girls passed off as over 18. It could be to see if you will take the bait. The sneaky tricks that can be pulled on you are endless. Cover your tail and take my suggestion. Go with friends. Don't trust anyone, especially cab drivers, and stay away from any place that is even remotely affiliated with drug use. If you are going to see Mexico for the first time, then you will be disappointed because all of the bordertowns are scumbuckets. You are far better off taking a trip to Cancun than going to any US/Mexico bordertown. If you are going there to have a one night stand, then you are better off in the US or at the very least going to Nevada. Good Luck from one trucker to another.
You must be in El Paso.

I have heard him before also. That guy is a SCUMBAG. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!

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