C-1 trucking school "n.little rock,ar"


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I applied to crst as a company driver, they said you get free training if you sign on for a year ! i thought "sounds fair! what i didn't know was the concentration camp i was going to be sent to for training.
the staff was a joke, you have very little time in the trucks so you better be a person who learns very,very,fast.
the housing is like a rehab clinic, 4 guys to a room, a room barely big enough for two. no dressers or desks, you just have to pile your belongings in a corner, the windows do not open so it gets pretty funky in the rooms. the bathrooms have soap holders, but they never put soap in them, the walls are covered in mold "very un-healhty" on a 1-10 scale i would give this place a "2", and the staff a "2" on a good day. at c-1 don't count on many good days! give you a good example to sum up c-1 in north little rock. one of the trucks they use to learn your pre-trip, the hood is broke and won't open, so they told us to imagine where the parts are to remember pattern for calling out the pre-trip.
do yourself a favor and stay clear of this place !!!!
yes they are a joke but they talk a good line and it gets many drvers to go there and then leave. i wonder what there turn over rate is ? ask Jugghead on here if anybody wants anymore info on them. he did a stint with them and knows first hand on there lies.

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