Bill would outlaw


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It's amazing to me how many BILLS it seems we need to stop doing this and stop doing that.

Iam not saying people should be allowed to go down the ROAD driving at 80mph putting make up on or reading a book...but Sheesh!

A Bill for this and a Bill for that....

If a Michigan state lawmaker gets his way, it would be a no-no to text message while driving in the state.
Sen. Buzz Thomas, D-Detroit, has offered a bill that would punish drivers who are caught reading, typing or sending text messages on an electronic wireless device, such as a Blackberry. It also would ban playing video games while driving.
Attempts to curb the practice of using electronic wireless devices while driving have picked up steam following the release of a Nationwide Mutual Insurance survey that found one in five drivers texting while driving. That number nearly doubles for drivers aged 18 to 27.


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There's already a law against it. Its called RECKLESS DRIVING. Politicians just need to appear busy sometimes to justify their salaries.


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i agree. texting is too distracting. and stupid too. there we are with a phone our hands but would rather use the worlds smallest keyboard to communicate.


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I just think it is dumb we even need a law for something like this. Just shoot them on sight. If you look over and a guy is playing a game boy while driving 65 mph down the road, well just shoot him. Not like it is a loss to the brain pool.

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