Bill would make hazmat endorsement cheaper


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U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan, D-Mo., has introduced H.R. 1079, the Professional Driver Background Check Efficiency Act, which would put a $50 cap on the cost to truckers of the hazardous material endorsement.

The cost of the current endorsement varies but is typically $94 per driver.

H.R. 1079 also would allow the federal Transportation Security Agency to reimburse states for the costs of hazmat background checks, a requirement that Carnahan calls an unfunded mandate.

Two background-check provisions introduced by Carnahan in the previous Congress were signed into law as part of the SAFE Port Act. The provisions say that drivers who already passed a hazmat background check need no additional check for port clearance; and that the Government Accountability Office should report to Congress on any duplication of federal background checks and make recommendations to increase efficiency


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