About 20 years ago me and friend of mine I grew up with rented us one of those "Lincoln Town Cars" for a week and we went down to the "French Quarters" and then on over to El Paso and back into Wichita.

I had hooked us up a "CB Radio" of course for the trip and we were on I-35 North almost to the "Kansas line" and as we were coming up on those "Rest Areas" around the 226 yard stick in Oklahoma when this gal came over the radio and said

"If anybody wants any company go down to Channel 15".

So I jumped down on 15 and said,

"Where You At"?.

She said she was in the "South Bound Rest Area".

Looking ahead over in the "Northbound Rest Area" there was this

"Big Pretty Canary Yellow Cow Truck"

parked right there when you go in and when she asked "Where Was I At"? Thats when I told her I was in this "North Bound Pickel Park" over here in this

"Big Pretty Canery Yellow Cow Truck".

She said she was just over there and that I had told her that I didnt want any company.

I said "I Know Baby" but I've Changed My Mind".

I said you looked so good leaving awhile ago just come on back over here. I told her that I would be in the sleeper waiting on her.

Well as we passed by it just so happened that Driver was in his sleeper. He was probably just making him a "Line" on his Log Book.

Anyway, She said she was on her way so I then told her that the "Passinger Door" would be unlocked but, you have to "Yank On It Real Hard" a couple times to get it to open "Because It Sticks".

As we passed by I looked in my mirror and there she went running across the median.

And I have always wondered to this day,

What ever happened at that

"Big Pretty Canery Yellow Cow Truck In That North Bound Pickle Park!:biglaugh:

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