Big Companies not participating!

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Just got off the phone with the following corporate offices, all of which apparently do not care about the current fuel prices, or would be participating in the shutdown/slowdown.
Scheider says they are not participating; Bowman, after talking to two people who said they are not participating, was sent to the third, who conveniently didn't answer; Hunt also said no they weren't participating that it was just livestock haulers striking. I guess they're waiting for all the smaller companies, who do have balls, to do what needs to be done so they can then take their hauls from them.....Go Figure!

Wyatt Earp

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Of course they will not participate they want the O/Op's to go out of business so they can monopolize the market and hire us to drive their trucks for lower rates.

I for 1 will not drive a company truck again unless i can get the rate that my experience (28 years) demands Minimum of $.50 per mile

Maybe we can get the rates up and fuel lowered for the O/O's and let the big companies keep hauling their freight for the cheap rates


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While we all know the market is flooded with small companies, we also know that this country was BUILT of small companies, the big companies can't handle their contracts and our freight as well, if they could, we'd have been sitting at home years ago. They think they have it all wrapped up, time will tell.