Battle about toll road through California state park beach heats up

The Transportation Corridor Agencies apparently didn't like the response they got at the most recent public hearing regarding a proposed toll road through San Onofre State Beach in Southern California. At that meeting in February, the agency was met with boos and hisses by opponents of the toll project, which was ultimately rejected. Now, in a letter of appeal to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the agency claims there is no reason to have another public hearing.



San Onofre toll road

This was actually a win for the people because this road "is" a toll road and it's not needed. It was brought about to service the well to do people in that area and it is not been paying for it self. The governor as compain donors who live there and is will to fire everybody who voted against it in the Costal commission and say it is need to lower traffic in this area. Well he is trying to forget the wishes of the people to help the rich. Those hill are loaded with rich people of his party. By the way the back side of this toll road is a very steap down hill. And would require a sand box for trucks. Very steap.:beep:

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