Basic Items Needed for OTR Driving


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Here is a list of basic things that are helpful for OTR driving:

-Clothing for two weeks
-Small ruler
-Penetrating lubricant(i've used this but have had more success with brake cleaner for rusty tandems)
-a few bungie cords
-Alarm Clock(battery operated)

This is a basic list, of course you will want to bring more things with you. What I have in my truck you may not want in yours.
For a clipboard, I suggest getting one that you can store things inside of. I am very particular about keeping my paperwork neat and clean, so I always have all of my paperwork for the trip I am on inside of the clipboard.

Pens - Have many of them, LOL. Nothing can get lost faster in a truck than a pen.

Clothing for two weeks - Another very important one. You don't want to wear smelly clothes, and there will be times that you just don't have time to wash them when you drive OTR. Also, have some warm clothing in the truck year around, just in case.

A few bungie cords - you can never have too many of these things.

I would also have any required tools that you might possibly need to do a complete Pre-Trip inspection, including adjusting brakes. You will probably never have to actually adjust the brakes (unless you are an owner operator with your own trailer), but it is a very good idea to have the knowledge of how to do it, and the tools required, just in case you are in a DOT inspection.

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