Bars & Casinos now Open in Montana

Uncle Birchy

Life Coach
If ya looking for afew cold ones and to run a $20 thru the machines see what turns up welp MONTANA...

Heck last week Winnemucca Nevada was still CLOSED and that Indian Casino Truckstop in Madras Oregon was still closed as recently as Thursday afternoon when I rolled thru..

Wish Me Luck


The Grand Poobah!
I'm getting "closer" to Social Security and Medicare...

But if ya "Max-Out" to 66 n 1/2 not only get Medicare my accountant told me 67 in the "Sweet-Spot" for 2k a month based upon my "earnings".

Heck 2k per month plus "Medicare" I can "Absolutely" MAKE That Work.

Just gotta "Struggle" on or so
Hanging in there for "free" healthcare huh?

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