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Does anyone listen to books on audio as their traveling? I hear these are pretty excellent.
I listen to tons of these. I have a friend who travels for her job and she buys a lot of mystery/suspense ones and lets me borrow them. Time really flies when you get into the middle of one of these.
XM radio has a book reading station. I have several books on tape that I had bought 5 years ago when I first went into truck driving. I tried to sell them on ebay, but no one was interested. I don't know how long the tapes last.:headscratch:
Audiobooks & XM Radio

Yep! I've even added them to my pre-trip. Wouldn't leave home without them. The radio has appeal on so many points. But if U've ever liked books, even if U don't read well [me] or like to, U'll probably be hooked. If U wan't to make sure they're a good $ value keep them a while. Give them another listen. It's like seeing a movie a second time. Check the truckstop markdown selections, discount bookstores, even online. If U are comfortable with it get on the CB. Some drivers will trade U. Some will give them to U to get them out of the truck. U won't miss the money U spend on them as much as U'll miss them. And the good ones help to "keep the left door shut". Hope this helps. Happy New Year!
I have several Clive Cussler books....I need to figure out what type of radio or tape, cd player to get as my truck does not have a radio in it.

No radio at all? or you need like a boombox? Whatever kind you get, make sure the CD player plays mp3's. It makes a big difference, having 250 songs on a cd or 20 songs on a single cd.

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