ATA and the 65mph speed limit


them fool are pushing a national 65 mph speed limit buy you had better think about this

think about this one, lets say a truck saves a 1/2 mile to a gallon dropping their speed 5 mph at $4.00 a gallon and a burn rate of 10 gallons per hour for argument sake they save around one gallon an hour, or 4 bucks, now an O/o gets say $2.00 bucks a mile at the reduced speed of 5mph he looses $10.00 bucks an hour minus the 4 for a net loss of $6.00 an hour x 11 hours or $66.00 a day x that by 6 days the loss is $396.00.
you company drivers take your pay say.35 a mile x 5 [the loss in miles per hour]x 11 hoursx6 days= thats $115.55 dollars a week out of your pocket. the companies now save $264.00 in fuel per week and 115.55 in labor costs per week for a savings to them of$379.55 per truck, which is pure profit to them!!

no wonder the Anti Trucking Association backs a national speed limit they can iin one swell swoop reduce their labor costs and at almost a $400.00 loss a week to the Owner Operators driver a stake thru the hearts of the O/os that have managed to survive so far

PS. if you add the O/o loss and the company gain which is 775.55 that is the amount of spread that the companies have to undercut the rates even further to take away the customers from the independants so you folks that say you are doing fine now and see no reason for a shutdown can you still make it with 775.55 less in your pocket each week?? add that up by 50 weeks a year and it comes out to $38,777.50 dollars a year off the gross.
And not to leave you company drivers out you lose $5777.50 a year from your wages and it gets worse the higher you cpm goes!!
The only people that will win with speed limits of speed limiters is the big companies and the ATA