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I'm a news reporter with the Tulsa World, which Tuesday (Feb. 3) reported a federal court filing might signal a plea deal for former Arrow Trucking CEO Doug Pielsticker. In December Pielsticker was indicted on 23 counts of such crimes as tax fraud and tax evasion. An amended complaint dropped the number of counts to 2 from 23.

We're interesting in speaking with former Arrow Trucking employees for a story surrounding Pielsticker's court appearance Wednesday.

If you're a former employee and would like to speak with us, please email me at [email protected] or call my office number at 918-581-8359.


Corey Jones
News reporter
Tulsa World


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Thanks for getting the word out, everyone. I've spoken with one former Arrow employee thus far who was stranded when the company shuttered.
I spent a few late nights trying to create order out of the chaos that erupted on several Facebook pages when that happened.
People were saying "I'm here, headed over there, anybody need a ride" and then others were saying "I'm stranded here, need a ride home to over yonder".
I was sending & receiving private messages making phone calls & stuff to match volunteers with stranded drivers.

I sent my cousin's son over to a truck stop near her house in Strafford MO to pick up a husband/wife team and take them to a volunteer who was on his 10 hr break in Joplin headed the direction they needed to go. My cousin is a former truck driver herself. She teamed with her husband until he lost his medical.

If memory serves me right, there was one driver who was last seen at a truck stop in Montana (Bozeman I think) and he was never seen or heard from again. His family was trying to find him.
I never did find out if that guy was ever found.


pari animositate
@Corey Jones , getting this out on social networking, hope you get some contacts.

What is it you're sending out on Social media, because I will spam the hell outta my own facebook with this?

@Corey Jones...welcome to our little corner of trucking insanity, please come back to this forum, and keep us updated on this. Some of us are kinda senile. Because were old. Like @Mike. He's pretty old.

Tax evasion??!! THATS IT??

How bout just straight up FRAUD?

What about this guys skank ass wife? Wasn't she part of this as I recall?

There were guys stranded nationwide for over a MONTH...guys with kids and families for crying out loud.

And all they're gonna do is put him in some country club prison??

Dude needs to swing. Seriously.
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