Arrests Made In Bowling Ball Incident


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Police in Fairmont, MN, have charged five teenage boys in connection with the case of a trucker who was seriously injured when someone dropped a bowling ball off an overpass on Interstate 90.

The trucker – 54-year-old Theodore Maki of Missoula, MT – was hit by the ball after it smashed through his windshield on Aug. 27.

According to The Associated Press, 18-year-old Andrew Fellersen told police the group was only intending to hit the trailer, but that the 17-year-old with the ball dropped it too soon.

Source: Land Line
This is so sad. How many times have we seen articles about things like this? Yet kids keep doing it time after time. Bricks, bowling balls and it is even more likely to happen around halloween.
The thing is, these are not little kids. These were young adults! They know better. They are old enough to hold jobs and such. They knew the consequences of their actions, yet they continued on with their wanton destruction.

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