Are we headed for a Recession?


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Sep 23, 2007
Short answer, yes. The housing boom accounted for % 42 of new job growth in the last 5 years. Those jobs were one of the major reasons we stayed out of a recession in 2002. Well, that and defense spending. Now that the housing market is in decline alot of those jobs have disappeared. That is why unemployment has risen in the last two months and it hasn't bottomed out yet
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Sep 21, 2007
yes. look at the canadian dollar. worth more than ours now or soon to be in a few days. last time this happened ? the great depression. it's fixing to get nasty and cut throat. i hope it won't be as bad as i think it is gonna be. all i can say is thanks Dubya for all you do for me.

The canadian dollar was worth more than the US dollar in 1976 during the Ford years. It was around the time of the WIN Program. Remeber the fuel crisis.
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